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Urusei Yatsura: Inaba the Dreammaker (1987)

It is summertime, and Shinobu laments not having a boyfriend. She then happens upon a young man weak from hunger, and wearing a rabbit costume. She gives him a carrot, he expresses his gratitude by hitting on her... and she hits back. The young man leaves behind a key to another dimension where everybody's possible futures exist. Lum and Ataru join Shinobu to find the bunny boy, and happy futures for themselves.

Original Title: 夢の仕掛人・因幡くん登場! ラムの未来はどうなるっちゃ?

  • Satoshi Dezaki
  • Jahr: 1987
  • Dauer: 57 min.
  • Land:
  • Language: 日本語
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