Combat Tour Live: The Ultimate Revenge (1985)

To say THE ULTIMATE REVENGE is dated 22 years after it was released would be an understatement. The effects that Combat used in the video are pretty cheesy (slow-motion, still photo, going back & forth between the video negative & the developed shot, etc). It would have been better to just show the raw footage. Still, to a certain extent, THE ULTIMATE REVENGE does document the growing interest in thrash metal that was taking place at the time. Combat Records decided to showcase their three biggest acts, Slayer, Venom & Exodus. All three had released new or debut albums when the video was shot. Concert footage recorded at Studio 54 in New York. Witching Hour is taken from the Live Video EP from 1982. Countess Bathory is from The 7th Date of Hell video from '84. An interview with Venom exclusive to this release is included.

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