Hong Kong Godfather (1991)

When the boss of a highly profitable Triad family is forced to flee from Hong Kong, rival gangs swoop in to steal any piece of the action they can. York Koo (Andy Lau) becomes the family's acting boss, and must do what he can to handle the difficult situation, with mounting pressure from both the Hong Kong police, and rival families.

Original Title: 衝擊天子門生

  • Cheuk-Wing Ho
  • Jahr: 1991
  • Dauer: 94 min.
  • Language: 广州话 / 廣州話

Yu Li

Jenny Lam

Andy Lau

Koo Siu York

Joey Wong

Mrs Leung Chun Bong

Tommy Wong Kwong-Leung

Michael Koo Wu

Roy Cheung

Insp. Leung Chun Bong

Lam Chung


Lo Lieh

Detective Sam Lam

Tommy Wong

Michael Koo Wu
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