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Barry Hilton: Serial Comic (2011)

Filmed in the Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City where Barry performed to sold out audiences. If you thought The Cousin couldn’t get any funnier, you were wrong! His quick wit, animated physical antics and hilarious facial expressions will leave you gasping for air. Enjoy his well-timed delivery and perfect execution from the minute you push play right up till the last minute. Find out about the uproarious disadvantages of wearing crocs, how Eminem relates to car guards and dog-doo, how “The BOERE” braai and how comical teenage boys, who are addicted to the gym, can be.

Original Title: Barry Hilton: Serial Comic

  • Barry Hilton
  • Jahr: 2011
  • Dauer: 60 min.
  • Land:
  • Language: English

Barry Hilton

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