Perils of the Wilderness (1956)

Sensational, sizzling saga of America's wildest frontier!

In the 56th (and next-to-last serial) made by Columbia Pictures, Montana Deputy Dan Lawson, posing as an outlaw called Laramie, goes to the Canadian northwest on the trail of Bart Randall who is wanted for murder and bank robbery in the states. In Canada, Randall is a little more upscale and uses a hydra-plane and a fake totem to over-awe the Indians. Laramie is aided in his search by RCMP Sergeant Gray and by Donna Blane, who is suspected at first of giving information to Randall, but who is actually a Canadian secret agent investigating Randall's gun-trading with the Indians.

Original Title: Perils of the Wilderness

  • Spencer Gordon Bennet
  • Jahr: 1956
  • Land:
  • Language: English

Evelyn Finley

Donna Blaine (as Eve Anderson)

Dennis Moore

Deputy Marshal Dan Mason, aka Laramie

Richard Emory

Sergeant Gray

Kenneth MacDonald

Bart Randall (as Kenneth R. MacDonald)

Rick Vallin

Little Bear

John Elliott

Homer Lynch

Terry Frost


Rex Lease

Sergeant Jim Rodney
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