Skipalong Rosenbloom (1951)

The Funniest Picture of the Year...You'll howl when you see it!

Originally slated for release by Eagle Lion, Skipalong Rosenbloom purchased by United Artists -- who gave it a cursory theatrical release before selling the film to television. As it turned out, TV was the appropriate medium for this heavy-handed satire of video westerns. Former boxing champ Maxie Rosenbloom plays a lampooned variation of Hopalong Cassidy, with all the standard western cliches in evidence. "Skipalong" Rosenbloom is depicted as the star of a heavily commercialized TV kiddie show, presided over by a smarmy announcer. The plot proper finds "Skipalong" at odds with western bad guy Butcher Baer, played by Rosenbloom's onetime ring opponent Max Baer. Others in the cast are Jackie Coogan, Fuzzy Knight and Hillary Brooke, who seem to be having fun with the dreadful material foisted upon them.

Original Title: Skipalong Rosenbloom

  • Sam Newfield
  • Jahr: 1951
  • Dauer: 72 min.
  • Land:
  • Language: en

Maxie Rosenbloom

Skipalong Rosenbloom (as Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom)

Max Baer

Butcher Baer

Jackie Coogan

Buck Lovelace

Fuzzy Knight

Sneaky Pete

Hillary Brooke

Square Deal Sal (as Hillary Brook)

Jacqueline Fontaine

Caroline Witherspoon

Raymond Hatton

Granpappy Tex Rosenbloom

Ray Walker

TV Announcer

Dewey Robinson

Honest John - Bartender

Artie Ortego

Henchman Artie
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