To Inflict (2013)

A young man under strain must come to grips with his anger when it threatens to jeopardize the most important relationship he's had thus far. The film follows a man (Gage Bladik) who's anger issues threaten to upset the relationships in his life. Themes include that of brotherly love, and the desire to change oneself for another person. Gage's Fiance (Chelsea Sanworth) works with him to curb his temper. She loves him but fears their relationship is turning into a violent one. As a result, she offers an ultimatum on their impending marriage: get help, or the wedding is off. This story is depicted through a first hand set of experiences with a man named Gage who has anger and road rage issues. Chelsea, his fiance and his autistic brother experience an impact outcome on their lives due to Gage's unleashing of anger. These undesirable but understandable emotions and actions catch up with Gage -- just as he's trying to put his life together.

Original Title: To Inflict

  • Elizabeth Wiegard
  • Jahr: 2013
  • Dauer: 22 min.
  • Land:
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $10,000

Bryan Kreutz

Coffee customer commenter

Mark Holzum

Gage Bladik

Chloe Futhey

Chelsea Sanworth

Rena Stephens


Chris Pickup

Guillotine Griego

Eric Warrington

Tommy Bladik

Neil McDonald

Mr. Berman / Mr.Sanworth

Rylee Cravens

Summer Swanson - Office Intern

Molly Cravens

Piper - Barista

Erin Morris

Webcam Kid

Meg Andrus

Office Worker

Joe McGettigan

Office Employee

Destiny Graham

Coffee Customer 2
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