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How the Universe Works (2010)

A users' guide to the cosmos, from the Big Bang to galaxies, stars, planets and moons: where did it all come from and how does it all fit together? A primer for anyone who has ever looked up at the night sky and wondered.

Original Title: How the Universe Works

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  • Jahr: 2010
  • Dauer: 60 min.
  • Land:
  • Language: En

Mike Rowe

Himself - Narrator

Phil Plait

Himself - Phd., Astronomer

Paul Matt Sutter

Himself - Phd., Astrophysicist

James S. Bullock

Himself - Phd., Astrophysicist

Lawrence Krauss

Himself - Phd., Cosmologist

Michelle Thaller

Herself - Astronomer

Hakeem M. Oluseyi

Himself - Phd., Astrophysicist
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